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High Peaks Artisan Guild
About Membership
We are a coop working gallery.  

New membership requires a minimum 3-month commitment.

All member's work is juried:

If you are interested in joining, please send a short artist bio, 5 images with a description of your art, your contact information. Please let us know if you can work 2 days a month, only 1 day, or not at all.  You may email us or use the contact page.

Please allow 30 days or in some cases longer for us to review your application.  We will contact you if we need more information.  To find out more about the juried process or for questions contact Patty T. at 207-235-2054.  You will be invited to meet us at the beginning of one of our members meetings usually held once a month.

​Membership (Subject to change)

Cost is $35 a month. 
A: Full Membership $35 a month - work two 6-hour shifts, days during the month (Fri. Sat. or Sun.) 
The full membership information will be emailed to you.

We also have an independent artis option if you live away or just cannot work at the gallery. (Excludes wall space) This option is intended for small items for sale where you don't have handing artwork and just one item or a few small items to sell.  The space is limited to a 3-foot x 3-foot space.  Please contact us for more information. 65%/35%  Artist/Gallery and no voting rights.

Keep the Gallery Operational

As members we all work together to keep the guild operating.  Providing support, volunteering our time for tasks, tending the shop, and artwalk.

 We have membership meetings every month TBD. 

Behind the scenes there are a lot of duties to keep the gallery open: cleaning & painting, repairs, marketing, website design, accounting, secretary duties, putting up flyers, posting online, advertising, responding to request, Facebook, ordering supplies, etc. Your assistance is needed and required. So, volunteering to take on some extra work behind the scenes is a necessity please reach out with your skills! 

First Friday Night ARTWALK - Want to show your work but you are not a member? 

Show your work during Artwalk, items sold will be spilt 60% / 40% Artist/Gallery. You would hang your show, be on hand during Artwalk, provide some finger foods and a bottle of wine for the event and be there invite your friends etc to this event as it is a meet the artist. The guild will supply paper products, table coverings, and dishes as needed. 

Members Sign up for First Friday Night first ArtWalks(Kingfield, Maine) as the featured artist See Patty T.

I've joined now what?

Before your work can be displayed in the gallery you will need to meet with someone in person (Patty T.), sign the contract, assign your space.  You will need to provide needed appropriate display racks, artist signing/price tags (please get wall tag approval). Price all of your work with your initials, and pay your rent before any artwork is displayed.

Website Listings:

Please send Alana your contact info description of your work for use on our website, 5 web sized images, and a brief your bio.  If you have a website or a link to an online gallery (please link back to us if possible). 
You will receive a listing on HPAG website and Facebook pages with new artist welcome post, please submit 3-5 images for use our website at www.highpeaksartisanguild.com